God of War Collection

God of War Collection
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Bluepoint Games , SCE Santa Monica Studio
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 14,053
Released November 17, 2009
3.6/5 (133 votes)
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A must-have for action/adventure enthusiasts on the PlayStation 3 platform, the God of War Collection, comprises PlayStation 2 single-player classics, God of War and God of War II. Remastered in high definition and re-released for PS3, this collection offers both longstanding fans of the series and those coming to it new to engage in the addictive action and puzzle-solving fun of taking on the gods controlling the world of ancient Greek mythology. The God of War series, comprised of God of War and War II, is widely regarded as one of the best and/or most successful single-player action game series ever developed for the PlayStation 2.

It features the violent yet tortured anti-hero Kratos, captivating storylines based on Greek mythology, the over-the-top addictive action, and puzzle-solving gameplay, and simple controls. The truth in this can be seen in the fact that, in an era dominated by more powerful game consoles, fans of the franchise who have stayed on to their PS2s still revisit these two games from time to time. At the same time, gamers who missed their initial releases are enticed to give them a try, even if they have gone on to a PS3. Whatever side of the debate you fall on, the God of War Collection has something for you.

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