Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Konami
Developer Kojima Productions
Genre Action , Adventure , Shooter , Stealth
Downloads 7,457
Released June 12, 2008
3.8/5 (42 votes)
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On the Playstation 3, many games have a long history of development from the Playstation 2 generation, and most games on this platform have advanced 3D graphics and improved visual quality. One of the games that have a long history of development and has had many games on many different platforms is Metal Gear Solid. And for Playstation 3, there will be Metal Gear Solid IV with a whole new story, gameplay, and graphics compared to previous games. The Metal Gear Solid series is proud of its gameplay and variety of storylines, and each of the main characters is meticulously exploited for action and story to give players a great experience. Best.

MGS IV is set after the events of Sons of Liberty, and the player controls Solid Snake in his final mission to destroy his nemesis, Liquid Snake. The plot of the game will take place through many different events, and players will witness the whole through the third perspective with Snake. The game has gameplay developed in the style of adventure action and does not follow the same path as the previous games. Players will now have many opportunities to explore the world, do side quests, collect items, and many other activities on a large map. The plot of the game will also gradually open up new things for players to enjoy, such as mini-games and many new activities.

The gameplay of the game remains true to the original style, and this time it combines with many new things to give the player a completely different experience. Players must control Snake through many places as well as on missions. Most missions require players to stealthily and overcome enemies to complete. Of course, the game will develop a fighting mechanism with depth as CQC and new equipment. Snake can also flexibly interact with the environment, allowing players to hide, interact, and eliminate enemies in silence. Snake’s sneaky ability allows him to move flexibly in any environment, and that will bring a new experience to the stealth-based gameplay genre.

As players progress, more new things will unlock, such as weapons, skills, equipment, and new features. The game will use realistic 3D graphics, thereby developing the environment and other details honestly, creating a new feeling compared to previous games in the series. MGS IV was also rated as one of the best games for the PS3, and it was later released on various platforms.

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