Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher EA
Developer Harmonix
Genre Music
Downloads 2,970
Size 2.49 G
Released October 19, 2008
5/5 (1 vote)
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To continue the game series, Rock Band 2 has just released with engaging content. If you are a music fan, you should not miss this game. This time, the game has improved features on the music controller while also supporting older controllers.


Rock Band 2 is an engaging music game that brings you into vibrant Rock tunes created by yourself. Almost every detail in the game is almost no different from the original. This is a game that simulates the performance of famous songs. Players can play with controllers that are modeled after musical instruments. Here, you can play with many different devices, but mostly guitar is the main thing. Although there are also bass guitars and drums, players can have fun with those instruments.


In Rock Band 2, players can fully enjoy playing with a variety of modes. Modes such as Drum Trainer, Battle of the Bands, and World Tour, allow players to trade for virtual bands. With over 84 songs on the disc and 20 free downloadable songs, you can enjoy various songs. Currently, the game is popular in the PS3 version, and it regularly updates many pieces every week. The game provides you with music controls to simulate the performance of rock songs.


In playing as a band, players can choose from different levels of play to test themselves. This game only allows up to four people in a performance of popular songs. Moreover, additional challenges are constantly being updated that involve testing your rhythmic skills in themed events. If you are the contest winner, the title of the best musician will belong to you.

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