Advance Wars

Advance Wars
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre Strategy
Region China
Downloads 6,051
Size 3.16MB
Released September 10, 2001
3.9/5 (14 votes)
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Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game released by Nintendo exclusively for the Game Boy Advance console. This game is the first door, and also the first generation of the series Advance Wars.The game has gameplay built on the future battlefield, and players will control their army to overcome the challenges of the game or challenge other players. Moreover, Advance Wars will bring players many surprises and new experiences of advanced warfare for GBA.

Advance Wars has gameplay built on the idea of ​​the future battlefield so that players will control an army with many different units on a battlefield. The game has simple gameplay, and it uses a turn-based mechanism to give players a lot of new experiences. Moreover, with a turn-based mechanism, players will have more choices and have more time to develop tactics to attack the enemy. Besides, the game will give players a large map, enough for players to promote their entire strategy effectively. The variety of environments, and other factors, will increase the player’s experience level, as it brings a sense of war on many different fronts.

The game will bring players many new features for players to manipulate with the military easier with the control mechanism of GBA. Players will have control of all units in their army, such as defense, construction, attack, and exploitation of resources to maintain the army. Each action will be done in turn, and players need to ensure many important things in the army before starting to attack the enemy. If the player fights the game’s AI, the difficulty of the game can be changed, but if the player wants to play multiplayer, a cable is needed to do that. Interestingly, the player can control up to 2 different armies at a time, and that means up to four different armies on one front.

The variety of units, units, and features of the game are what makes Advance Was popular. Besides, the game has simple gameplay, along with many options for a unit for players to promote their tactical effectiveness. If you are looking for a game with tactical gameplay or a game to entertain your friends, Advance Wars will be a perfect choice.

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