The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Capcom
Genre Action , Adventure , Role-Playing
Region Japan
Downloads 13,173
Size 7.61MB
Released January 10, 2005
4/5 (54 votes)
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The Legend of Zelda game series is one of the biggest series under Nintendo’s distribution on various gaming consoles. And today, I will introduce the game The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap released exclusively for Game Boy Advance. It is an action-adventure game, with a story revolving around the character Link with a magic hat named Ezlo capable of shrinking Link to the size of a tiny folk. Because of it, the player’s story will be experienced throughout many places in the kingdom of the tiny folks, along with its challenges. The Minish Cap is the twelfth part of the game, and it is the door to unfold later stories.

The gameplay of Minish Cap will retain the basic and pure elements from previous games of the series. However, it introduces new things along with compelling features to improve gameplay quality. The sidequest system is what makes this game stand out, and the player will have to navigate Link through several dungeons to obtain an item or enhancement. These items are important in fighting Bosses, thereby unlocking other things in the story. The game allows players to control Link through the classic top-down perspective and allows players to go through many different areas by step on the exit grid on the map. Players only need to touch the doors to enter the store or important houses in the story.

The game has a classic turn-based combat mechanism, and players will have more choices in taking the next action. The diversity of the environment will come with strong enemies with attractive rewards for players. Each enemy has a unique action mechanism, and players can block or break their combo if they predict their move. Besides combat mechanisms, players can explore the world to find items that are important or beneficial for future trips. Of course, players can interact with NPCs to collect information or continue the story. The game will add mini-games for players to entertain, thus making the gameplay more diverse and impressive.

Link’s adventures through many different games always leave an impression on players. Each game in the series always has a compelling story, gameplay, and features that are constantly evolving to entertain players. And no doubt, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap will be a great game for GBA.

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