Comix Zone

Comix Zone
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Sega
Developer Infogrames
Genre Action
Downloads 635
Size 1.68MB
Released September 11, 2002
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Sketch Turner is a comic book artist who makes a tiny living, but his life is about to transform significantly. One day, as Sketch was painting his favorite villain, Mortus, the two of them switched places, and now Sketch is engrossed in the world of the comic book he created! Now, it is up to you to guide the befuddled artist back to reality and prepare him for a clash with Mortus by assisting him in locating and battling his way there. The images, all of which were produced by genuine comic book artists, give you the impression that you are “playing” a comic book rather than just reading it. As you continue to fight the good fight, you will see Mortus physically drawing more foes to try to kill you. You could have to confront your own worst creation in the most critical fight of your life if you can perfect specific fighting skills and acquire a few power-ups, but if you are successful in doing so, you will have a good chance of doing so.

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