F1 2002

F1 2002
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher EA Games
Developer Magic Pockets
Genre Racing
Downloads 1,004
Size 3.29MB
Released January 7, 2002
3/5 (6 votes)
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The handheld racing game has a fluid framerate, giving the player excellent controllability and a powerful impression of speed. The characteristics of a car are determined by its physical model, including its tires, aerodynamics, gearbox, and brakes. The designers gave each machine precise specifications such as gear ratios, top speed, highest possible revolutions per minute (rpm), and engine curves. Players will have access to 17 actual tracks, 11 legitimate teams, and 22 official drivers due to the game’s official FIA license. In addition, the game includes such elements as racing occurrences (such as accidents, withdrawals, engine breakdowns, and real-time broken records), an audio engine that can simulate up to four engines at once (gears, power, and Doppler effects), and two different difficulty settings. Players can alter both the automobile assistance and the abilities and speeds of other pilots, as well as select from one of four game modes: Race, Season 2002, Custom Championship, or Multiplayer.

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