FIFA Football

FIFA Football
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Exient
Genre Sports
Downloads 0
Released November 15, 2002
3.9/5 (13 votes)

The Game Boy Advance version of FIFA Football 2003 has many game modes and play possibilities, enough to satiate even the most devoted lover of the “beautiful game.” There are 14 different leagues and approximately 300 different teams that you may play for or against, so it will be quite some time before you run out of fresh tasks to take on. You have the option to compete against the best teams in the world in the Club Championship, which is the most prestigious football competition in the world. Alternatively, you may play a whole domestic season or guide your side through any European tournament you choose. You may play a brief, one-off game in friendly mode, or you can challenge a buddy to a head-to-head contest using a GBA link connection. Both options are available.

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