Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Digital Eclipse Software
Genre Action
Downloads 5,358
Size 5.65MB
Released October 25, 2004
4.4/5 (29 votes)
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The excitement of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise is now available on your Game Boy Advance, thanks to Grand Theft Auto Advance. After being falsely accused of murder, you find yourself on the run from the law in this brand-new narrative about getting your revenge. You were about to complete one more operation for Vinnie, a local mafia leader, when his car exploded, claiming his life along with all of the money he was about to pay you. You were left with nothing. You are the primary suspect, and every law enforcement officer in Liberty City is looking for you; yet, you have no intention of fleeing the city until you discover who framed you and bring those responsible to justice.

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