Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Battle Assault

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Battle Assault
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Bandai
Developer Natsume
Genre Fighting
Downloads 1,050
Size 3.14MB
Released September 7, 2004
2.5/5 (2 votes)
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It is the first Gundam game to be made accessible on the Game Boy Advance, and it is a fantastic new action game called Gundam Seed: Battle Assault. The Gundam universe is preparing for its next big event, called Gundam Seed. The video game, based on an anime that first aired in Japan in 2003 and then in the United States on Cartoon Network TV in 2004, has 12 different mobile suits from the show that the player may control. Also included are seven other game modes; one is a two-player VS mode that allows players to join up to four Game Boy Advance systems together for head-to-head competition using a Game Boy Advance Game Join Cable, which can be purchased separately. The game features a difficulty level for all players so that as many people as possible may enjoy it. Players can choose an automated or manual mode and change their armor, health, and energy gauges to increase difficulty.

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