Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Activision
Developer Digital Eclipse
Genre Action
Downloads 8,271
Size 3.50MB
Released April 16, 2002
3.7/5 (29 votes)
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A significant movie picture adaptation of the timeless comic book character Spider-Man, who was co-created by Stan Lee. The Spider-Man movie’s primary plot, characters, and artwork are all utilized in this Spider-Man movie adaptation for the video game world. Additionally, a whole backstory and brand-new characters have been included. The Green Goblin is the primary antagonist in this game. As Peter Parker, you must defy gravity by utilizing your spider crawl, web-slinging, and spider-sense powers to find Spidey’s adversary as you make your way across the skyscrapers of New York City. The introduction of airborne combat is the most significant improvement that this game offers over the previous Spider-Man series on PlayStation, which Activision also developed. A greater focus may be placed on Spider-Man’s most valuable asset—the spider web—if he engages the adversary in midair while web-slinging, ascends and descends while swinging, and banks around skyscrapers.

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