Console Sony PSP
Publisher Idea Factory
Developer Rejet
Genre Visual Novel
Region Japan
Downloads 0
Released January 23, 2014
4.7/5 (3 votes)

The story takes place in Mogura Gakuen, often known as Z Gakuen, a gathering place for students with “shame” from across the country. They abruptly declared that the school would be closed shortly after our heroine, Yaotome Rei, entered. There is only one way to save the school from a series of tragic events: for the pupils to fall in love. Rei immediately starts looking for a boy to date. Unfortunately, she was born with the power to attract all kinds of bad luck… and unlucky men gathered around her. They’re all unfinished humans with missing pieces, so perhaps they’re hunting for another piece to complete the puzzle. Rei can pick one of these sad individuals, and when she erases their complex with her love… “Shame” and “shame” will become “love.”

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