Cho Aniki Zero

Cho Aniki Zero
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Aksys Games
Developer extreme
Genre Shooter
Region Japan
Downloads 754
Released March 25, 2010
3/5 (2 votes)
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After the defeat of the evil Emperor Body, it appeared that peace would be restored to the Builder Star system. Emperor Body the Second, on the other hand, has begun to drain the Protein from the planets here. Idaten and Benten, having previously defeated Body, immediately set out to destroy the plant draining the Protein and finally defeating evil. Zero Ch Aniki is a side-scrolling shooter in the notoriously strange Ch Aniki series. The player must survive five stages filled with strangely suggestive enemies and environments while controlling either Idaten or Benten and their options. Destroying enemies grants the player power-ups, and there are also bombs and the unique “Men’s Beam” that can help clear the screen if things get too hectic. There are two difficulty settings available, and in addition to the primary mode, a boss rush mode is unlocked after completing the game.

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