Console Sony PSP
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Ready at Dawn
Genre Action , Platform
Downloads 16,219
Size 973.59 M
Released March 14, 2006
3.9/5 (27 votes)
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Battles on a massive scale, such as in God Of War or in many other games, are the most significant battles of the gaming world. There are many such battles for players to experience. There are many objects for players to fight, such as gods, robots, people, or anything else. But have you ever fought beetles? It doesn’t sound right, because bugs are just small creatures and we can kill them quickly. But inside the game Daxter, the enemies that players need to destroy are the bugs. Players will have to go through many difficulties to be able to kill a bug. This game is a spin-off part of the “Jak and Daxter” series of games produced for release on the PSP platform. Right from the moment this game was released, it has created an enormous buzz and attracted many players to come to experience what this game has. It is thanks to the unique gameplay and fighting style that the game brings to the player experience.

Fight with bugs:
Players will play Daxter, a person doing the task of killing insects as required by customers to make money. The customer will come to the player’s office to make requests, and the player will be tasked with executing them. But unlike the typical bugs that players often see in reality, this time, it will be the big bugs living in space. They have infiltrated, and many places to destroy those places, and the player’s task is to destroy them. They are about the same size as you so that they can attack you easily. So with their huge size, players will take a lot of time to be able to destroy them.

Using a lot of weapons to fight:
In the game, there are many different weapons that players can use to fight, including the spray gun to kill bugs and a stick. Players need to approach them and spray them on them to stun them. When they are stunned, the player can use the stick to destroy them. Players can also unlock a lot of different weapons such as flamethrowers, rockets, and many other things to fight.

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