Driver 76

Driver 76
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Sumo Digital , Ubisoft Reflections
Genre Racing , Shooter
Downloads 5,063
Size 725.48 M
Released May 8, 2007
5/5 (2 votes)
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Driver ’76 is the fifth installment in the Driver series and the first since Ubisoft purchased the license from Atari. The game is a prequel to Driver: Parallel Lines, taking place two years before the events of the first game, and features two side characters from the first game, Ray (controlled by the player) and Slink. Ray has set his sights on the daughter of a Triad boss and is attempting to impress him by taking on complex tasks. This gets him into a lot of trouble with the other gangs, and the story is presented in comic-book style, divided into six chapters. There are 27 missions set in New York, from New Jersey to Coney Island, with several distinct districts and over 40 customizable vehicles, ranging from dirt bikes to sports cars and big rigs, as well as some surprises like the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 – all with exceptional handling. Although players have complete freedom of movement, the mission structure is linear. Timed runs, escorting, and evading missions are among the tasks. Ray can also move around on foot and wreak havoc with various guns and locked targeting. During the main game, the characters can accept side jobs to earn extra money, such as closed-course or open-road racing, driving a tow-truck, a taxi, or an ambulance, and spending money in the garage to upgrade the vehicles. Street Racing, Carnage, Circuit Racing, Pink Slip Racing, and Swap Meet all support multiplayer for up to two players over WiFi. Players can also swap items or download new paint jobs via W-Lan. There are a few minigames in addition to the main game.

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