Exit 2

Exit 2
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Taito Corporation
Developer Taito Corporation
Genre Action , Platform , Puzzle
Region Japan
Downloads 1,229
Size 80.76 M
Released March 22, 2007
4.2/5 (4 votes)
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Mr. ESC makes a reappearance in the sequel to Exit. The player must once again use a combination of platform jumping and problem-solving to free trapped citizens with specific personality qualities. The game includes a range of gadgets (such as ladders and fire extinguishers) to help you overcome some of the many hazards found throughout the levels (such as weakened floors, fire, and electric arcs). The player must use The player must use Mr. ESC’s athleticism and planning to clear a safe passage fExithe citizens to reach the exit. Civilians have rudimentary artificial intelligence and can be told to stay or follow. The user can also use an arrow cursor to lead one person at a time, allowing them to be commanded to a specified place or to pick up and use items. Exit 2 introduces two new citizen types (Macho and Dog), 10 new hazards, and 240 additional stages to the game. The Xbox Live Arcade edition also includes 30 other exclusive levels for download.

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