Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party

Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Dorasu
Developer Dorasu
Genre Puzzle
Downloads 823
Size 50.92 M
Released May 28, 2009
5/5 (2 votes)
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Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party is a collection of puzzle games based on Sanrio’s popular Hello Kitty character. Three games are included: Jigsaw Puzzle is a standard jigsaw puzzle mode, as the name implies. The pieces are pre-oriented, so the player only needs to position them in the exact location. There are two levels of difficulty: easy puzzles have 24 articles, and challenging puzzles have 48 pieces. Picture Perfect, like Picross, is a nonogram puzzle. The player must mark the appropriate squares to make an image, using the numbers at the top and left as hints. There are three complexity levels; the more significant the problem, the higher the level. Tasty Tidbits is a falling-block puzzle in the same vein as Puyo Puyo. Kitty heads, and fruits fall from the top of the screen in pairs and must be organized. They will be cleared if they connect four pieces of the same color, including at least one fruit. In accessible mode, the player begins at level 1; in a complex way, the player starts at level 11. All mini-games unlock images and parts for the Hello Kitty Gadget, a clock, and a calendar with dozens of Hello Kitty graphics. The design mode allows the player to select any of the mini-game-unlocked parts.

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