Heroes VS

Heroes VS
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Developer Spike ChunSoft
Genre Fighting
Downloads 1,166
Size 652.31 M
Released February 7, 2013
5/5 (2 votes)
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In their respective planets, Kamen Riders, Ultramen, and Gundams are not permitted to communicate with one another. However, one day, a mysterious being, Stragaia, emerged and presented them with visions. He demonstrates to those who fight for justice that the collision of the three worlds would result in a catastrophic event. In contrast, he proves to those who oppose justice that the occurrence will grant them unimaginable power. The defenders and the villains have the same energy, and they will steal Spirit Points from one another during the battle. Master some devastating finishing moves, and you can conquer your foes with a flair for the dramatic.

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