Iron Man

Iron Man
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Sega
Developer Artificial Mind and Movement
Genre Action
Downloads 3,960
Size 395.56 M
Released May 2, 2008
3.5/5 (4 votes)
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Based primarily on the 2008 film Iron Man, this one-man-army hero video game has been released for seven platforms. Iron Man immerses you in the skin of Tony Stark. He is a billionaire weapon industrialist and brilliant inventor who, after being kidnapped by terrorists who want to force him to build weapons for them, instead builds armor to escape. Since then, he has decided to discontinue weapons production while continuing to work on the suit to combat them. The games expand on the story, allowing the player to complete more than 12 missions and even battle villains who do not appear in the film, such as Whiplash and Titanium Man. This is demonstrated through cinematics between tasks, which employ the voices of movie actors such as Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard. The game features Stark fighting armies of soldiers, tanks, helicopters, canons, and so on by foot or by air, using ranged weapons or melee attacks and an array of upgradeable weapons such as missiles, micro-grenades, repulsive shots, EMP blasts, a flame thrower, and the powerful “Unibeam.” Both the weapons and the suit (propulsion and armor systems) are upgradeable, and in most versions, there are many special armors from the comics to unlock. This version differs from the Xbox360/PS3 versions in terms of visuals and upgrade system (rather than spending money on them, the player’s gear is upgraded based on how much it has been used).

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