Kiniro no Corda 2 f Encore

Kiniro no Corda 2 f Encore
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Koei Tecmo
Developer Koei Tecmo
Genre Visual Novel
Downloads 142
Size 831.01 M
Released August 20, 2009
5/5 (1 vote)
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Kin’iro no Corda The number 2 is continued with 2Encore. As a result of her involvement in a growing number of concerts, Kahoko is developing into an exceptional violinist. This time, she will conduct a full orchestra as the concert mistress rather than putting on solo shows or performing with a small ensemble. As the day of her graduation gets closer and closer, she not only has to manage her career as a musician, but she also has to get her act together and pursue the guy of her dreams. If she does nothing now, she will miss all future opportunities because some are going to college, and others may travel overseas. In addition to the entire cast from the previous episode, Kira, the school director, was transformed into a character that can be pursued romantically. Learn the answer to the riddle that surrounds this intriguing figure.

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