Like Life Every Hour

Like Life Every Hour
Console Sony PSP
Publisher GN Software
Developer HuneX Co. , Ltd.
Genre Visual Novel
Downloads 231
Size 1.07 G
Released October 1, 2009
5/5 (1 vote)
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A game in the Miscellaneous genre is Hello Kitty No Happy Accessory. The events of Like Life revolve around Kazuma Kaka, a young man who was forced to take up residence with his aunt because his parents were constantly preoccupied with work. He has known Yumi Miyasato since childhood, and they both walk together to Shitasno Academy, which they both attend. He lives next door to his childhood buddy Yumi Miyasato. One day at school, many peculiar transfer students arrive: all around town, objects start turning into girls, albeit they still keep some form of what they used to be on their person. One day at school, many weird transfer students arrive all over town, and objects start turning into ladies. Kazuma’s mobile phone is no exception; it morphs into a lady he calls Himeko Ksaka. e. The game was developed and published by Dorart, and it was first made available in Japan in 2009.

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