Medical 91 for Portable

Medical 91 for Portable
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Takuyo
Developer Takuyo
Genre Visual Novel
Downloads 201
Size 410.77 M
Released June 12, 2008
5/5 (1 vote)
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You find yourself on a planet that has evolved robot and computer technology and is set in the future. The creation of robots that are capable of feeling emotions is against the law in this country. You take on the role of Yuna, an android that was given feelings after being programmed with them by a young and brilliant scientist. The events that unfold at the story’s beginning involve an experiment in which you are being monitored to see how well you can integrate into society by working as an intern nurse at a hospital. There, you are going to run into several different people and events. Your true adversary will become clear as you progress through the game; they are the secret police, and their mission is to eliminate any robots who exhibit even the slightest hint of emotion.

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