My Merry May With Be

My Merry May With Be
Console Sony PSP
Publisher CyberFront
Developer CyberFront
Genre Visual Novel
Downloads 376
Size 1.13 G
Released March 25, 2010
4.2/5 (4 votes)
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The confusion resulted from combining two games: My Merry May and My Merry Maybe To My Joyous May. This visual novel follows the narrative of Kyosuke, a high school student who lives an everyday student life in a hostel until he receives an odd device from overseas. The item is sent to him from another country. A female reply, often an artificial human being, can be found inside the apparatus. Kyosuke decides to wake her up, but just as her personality is about to be fully loaded, a rainstorm briefly knocks out the power in the dorm, which causes a glitch in Leu’s operating system. Rather than having his servant, Kyosuke cares for a teenager who still acts like a child. Hitoe Haruna, Yasusuke’s childhood buddy; Motomi Agatsuma, the girlfriend of Kyosuke’s best friend, Ryo Hagimoto, 21-year-old Tae Kizuki, and her friend, 13-year-old high school student Misao Yuki, complete the roster of the remaining ladies. My Merry Maybe Kishimori Hiroto, a third-year student at the university, decides to get teaching experience by enrolling in an education internship at the middle school in Seitenchou, a rural harbor town. On his way to his temporary apartment, he comes across a reply named ” Reu,” lying in the middle of the road. An answer is an artificial being that was created to assist people. Following a series of unfortunate events, Reu is entrusted to Kishimori’s care until her owner can be located. That is until a shadowy organization makes its presence known…

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