Console Sony PSP
Publisher Electronic Arts , Inc.
Developer Exient Entertainment
Genre Racing
Downloads 2,773
Size 533.26 M
Released September 6, 2006
5/5 (2 votes)
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NASCAR 07 sees the return of a new roster of drivers and features. The gameplay and modes are similar to the previous game (including team racing controls), but the pace has been cranked up, with an added blur effect to enhance the sense of speed. The Adrenaline meter is a new feature. When fully charged, it improves handling and speed. Drivers now have ranks corresponding to various attributes (Dynamic Driver Attributes) and racing tendencies. Sure, drivers will perform better on specific tracks. By maintaining a lead, making clean passes, intimidating opponents, or surviving dangerous situations, players can earn skill points to improve their attributes. Race Now, Season Mode, Chase for the Cup, Fight to the Top (Whelen Modified Series, Craftsman Series, Craftsman Trucks, NBS, and NEXTEL Cup), Online Races (Quick Matches and Optimatch – where the host can fully define the event), and Dodge Challenges are the primary modes. Dodge Speed Zone mode is no longer available. Before Dodge Challenge races, important racers are shown in FMV interviews. The car, as usual, can be tweaked and fine-tuned in various ways. This is the first NASCAR game available for the PSP. It is similar to the console versions but lacks Total Team Control for team communication. The handheld version has a new feature called Instant Rewind. While racing, a meter accumulates over time, which can be used to rewind the game action if you crash or take a wrong turn. A few of the game modes are unique. Sterrance drives the #12 Alltel Dodge on the US cover. Thomas’s DeWalt Ford Fusion is included in the PAL release.

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