NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13
Console Sony PSP
Publisher 2K Sports
Developer Virtuos
Genre Sports
Downloads 8,688
Size 648.9 M
Released October 2, 2012
3.7/5 (13 votes)
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In many sports around the world, basketball is always one of the sports that many people are interested in. This sport has gradually developed until now, it has become an international game, and a large number of players come to this sport. The evidence is clear to prove that this game is not inferior to other sports models that the tournament itself. Every year, many tournaments are organized to attract many teams to participate in the competition. NBA is the biggest tournament, a place that many teams dream of conquering once. Not only is a sport a significant influence, but the basketball title also inspired the NBA 2K series to be born. Over the years of development, this game has many different versions for players to experience. But today, let’s just talk about what the NBA 2K13 game of the PSP platform has for players to experience. This game is the 14th installment and is a game developed for the PSP platform and many other platforms. Although it was released quite late compared to the age of the PSP, it is still considered one of the most excellent titles of the PSP.

Demonstrating skills:
The game has a very detailed and realistic control mechanism for players to experience. This feature will help players a lot when controlling the character to show their techniques. In this game, there are many new techniques added or remake existing things to bring a smoother experience for players. The movements of the characters have become a lot more real for players to experience. This is combined with the game’s 3D graphics, which makes this game much more realistic.

Great players:
In this game, there are many players added to the game that players can use in their squad. The players who are added to the game are all present in the 2013 season so that players can choose. In it, there are many famous people like Kobe Bryant or LeBron James that appear in the game for you to use. Players can choose their favorite ones to form a complete squad and participate in the tournament

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