Princess Crown

Princess Crown
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Atlus
Developer Atlus , Racdym
Genre Role-Playing
Downloads 645
Size 80.36 M
Released September 22, 2005
4.7/5 (3 votes)
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RPGs are always one of the indispensable titles for any platform of a gaming device. All gaming devices so far have high-quality RPG titles for players to experience. And most of all, the PSP is no exception, this device has a lot of RPG games for you to choose from. Players can become anyone to participate in any adventure, be it a god of war, a gangster, and a lot of other roles. But do you want to be a princess to experience what the game has? Not a picture of a brave warrior on the battlefield, this time, it will be a brave princess for players to experience. That game is Princess Crown – an RPG game about the journey of a princess to save her kingdom. Just an ordinary princess, but does she have the strength to save the entire nation? It also depends on the help of you.

Fight with monsters:
During the player’s journey, the player will confront a lot of different monsters to be able to complete the game. Whenever the player encounters a monster, the screen switches over to the battle point for the player to start the battle. Players will start the battle in the form of the fighting game; players can control their characters to attack the enemy. When the enemy’s HP returns to 0, the player will win to continue their journey. When the player attacks, it will consume some amount of PowerPoint to attack the enemy. They will be reloaded when the player stops attacking and stands still when reloaded the player can continue to attack.

Search for powerful equipment:
When the player level up, the player will increase the power index, but this way takes a long time to perform. Another much more straightforward way is to look for powerful items to use. When the player destroys a monster, the player will receive things like armor, weapons, and many other things to use. All these things will increase the power for players to continue their journey.

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