Pursuit Force Extreme Justice

Pursuit Force Extreme Justice
Console Sony PSP
Publisher SCEA
Developer BigBig Studios
Genre Action , Racing
Downloads 3,713
Size 705.21 M
Released January 29, 2008
2.8/5 (8 votes)
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Extreme Justice is the sequel to Pursuit Force, and in this installment, the player is tasked with eliminating five different gangs plaguing the city of Capital. Not only are criminal organizations the player must contend with as foes, but there is also a competing police unit, the Viper Division, attempting to get them first and put the player out of business. There are 12 vehicle types to employ throughout the game: helicopters, automobiles, jet skis, lorries, buses, bikes and sidecars, speed boats, and new vehicles, including hovercrafts. There are thirty different types of firearms, ranging from pistols to heavy artillery. The “Justice Bar” is another of the game’s brand-new additions, allowing players to replenish strength and keep the task rolling. The game contains 50 criminal cases and four new characters to play as. In addition to that, it comes with a multiplayer mode that can accommodate up to four players simultaneously (PSP Wi-Fi Ad Hoc).

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