Saru! Get You! SaruSaru Big Mission

Saru! Get You! SaruSaru Big Mission
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Sony Computer
Developer h.a.n.d.
Genre Platform
Region Japan
Downloads 1,165
Size 322.14 M
Released July 26, 2007
5/5 (1 vote)
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After Specter has abducted The Professor, Aki, Sayaka, Satoru, and Hikaru, he shrinks the laboratory while Kakeru and Natsumi are still trapped within. On the positive side, the laboratory has shrunk to the point where it might pass for a Pipo Helmet if necessary! This allows Natsumi and Kakeru to seize control of the monkeys, utilize them to their advantage in the battle against Specter, and save their comrades.

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