Tenchu: Time Of The Assassins

Tenchu: Time Of The Assassins
Console Sony PSP
Publisher SEGA Europe Ltd.
Developer K2 LLC
Genre Stealth
Region Japan
Downloads 2,155
Size 999.36 M
Released July 23, 2006
4.3/5 (3 votes)
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Tenchu: Time of the Assassins is a stealth-action game in the Tenchu franchise. The story takes place in feudal Japan and revolves around a group of ninjas and assassins who become involved in the kidnapping of Lord Gohda’s single daughter, Princess Kiku. The protagonists of the game are Rikkimaru and Ayame (both Azuma clan ninjas working for Lord Gohda), Rin (a Beniya clan renegade), and Tesshu (a medical doctor who works as a hired assassin at night). All four characters’ campaigns can be chosen right away. Each character has eight missions in their campaign. Because the enemy guards hopelessly outnumber the player characters, the gameplay is once again based on the fundamental premise of the stealth-action genre of completing mission goals while being discovered as few times as possible. When the player approaches an unsuspecting enemy from behind, he can perform a stealth kill, killing the target instantly without putting himself in danger of attack. Mission objectives range from reaching a specific location on the map to eliminating a particular target to escorting NPCs to a designated area. A distance sensor indicates the distance between the player and the nearest enemy but not the direction the enemy faces. It also shows whether or not the enemy is aware of the player’s presence. As is customary for the series, the player can select from various weapons and gadgets as a reward for completing missions. The higher his ranking after the tasks, the more and better items he receives. Throwing knives, poisonous rice, healing potions, smoke bombs, grenades, and other gadgets are available. Aside from these optional items, the player always has a reliable grappling hook, which he can use to climb houses and ledges. The game also includes a mission editor for creating a story-driven single-player and multiplayer mission. The multiplayer mode can be played competitively and cooperatively with two players.

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