Yami Kara No Izanai TENEBRAE I

Yami Kara No Izanai TENEBRAE I
Console Sony PSP
Publisher BOOST ON
Developer BOOST ON
Genre Visual Novel
Downloads 457
Size 213.13 M
Released August 30, 2012
5/5 (1 vote)
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Tenebrae is a horror adventure in a fictional futuristic setting named New Island City. A massive tragedy occurred, affecting numerous people, some of whose experiences the player can experience by switching between their perspectives. This game is the first of four planned but canceled episodes, and while each episode works as a single story, they all share a common core that helps tie the whole plot together. The story follows a reportage journalist, Seiji Inugami (), who one evening receives a phone call informing him that something significant is about to occur in New Island City. While first hesitant to accept a commission to gather the data on-site, he is eventually persuaded into it by the caller, who blackmails him with something from Seiji’s history that he was a part of 15 years ago and witnessed something he shouldn’t have. On his way to the city, he runs into an old buddy, police investigator Kaoru Saegusa, investigating a string of disappearances. They are friendly conversing when they hear what appears to be a sea of screaming in the distance. They notice a thick black fog surrounding the place as they approach it. As a result, the hunt for answers and unravel the mystery behind it begins.

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