E-Reader Urban Champion

E-Reader Urban Champion
Console Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Genre Fighting
Downloads 0
Released September 11, 2002
1/5 (2 votes)

You think you can get away with anything, huh? You had best not be lying. To become the next Urban Champion, you must be quick on your feet and rapid with your hands. It would be best to block, fake, and land blows to send your opponent flying off the screen. If you manage to pull it off three times in a row, a confetti shower will be thrown in your honor as you are crowned the new Urban Champion. Be careful, though. Just when you think you have him beat, you trip and tumble into an open manhole! Or take a chance that a flower pot will strike you as it falls! Do you believe you are up to the challenge? Then you must show that. In the game Urban Champions, you can choose to play it by yourself or to challenge a buddy; either way, you’ll have a great time trying to take out the most challenging individuals in the area.

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