Dead to Rights: Reckoning

Dead to Rights: Reckoning
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Namco
Developer Rebellion Developments Ltd.
Genre Action
Downloads 3,141
Size 61.95 M
Released June 28, 2005
4.7/5 (3 votes)
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The incredible power of “Armagus,” a combination of magic and technology, is controlled by the Librarium in the 13th hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi. They are currently hunting for a dangerous criminal named Ragna the Bloodedge, who is also known by the alias “Death” and has stated that he wishes to destroy the Librarium. People worldwide are not just after Ragna’s bounty but also his grimoire because he possesses a potent type of Armagus known as the Azure Grimoire. This has caused a great deal of interest in both of these items. This is the point at which our tale starts…

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