Console Sony PSP
Publisher Sony
Developer ThatGameCompany
Genre Puzzle
Downloads 0
Released March 6, 2008
4.6/5 (5 votes)

Flow is a PlayStation Network game that began as an online flash project by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark for Chen’s thesis study but was later transformed into a commercial game by thatgamecompany, which Chen co-founded. The player controls a microscopic, worm-like microorganism on a bright, two-dimensional plane. It may be moved around on the PS3 by tilting the SIXAXIS controller in the direction the creature should swim. The analog stick is used to control the PSP version. There are six animals to pick from (Snake, Jelly, Manta, Rogue, Hunter, Credit Creature), each with their skills, such as poison, a whirling maneuver to attract plankton, or a homing strike. The game’s goal is to evolve by eating other microorganisms and traveling further into the water until the bottom is reached, at which point the game will continue with a new creature. The creature’s shape will alter as it evolves and gain new abilities. Many power-ups are available, such as making the creature move faster or giving it a wider mouth. Certain larger opponents are made up of dots that must be eaten to be destroyed, necessitating different techniques to defeat them. As you progress into the water, the background, colors, opponents, and music change with each new level. The monster can return to earlier levels or dive more profoundly, as represented by various icons. The game features simple controls and multiplayer sessions for up to four players using the same creature. The concept of dynamic difficulty adjustment is operated by flOw. Players can overlook massive and hazardous adversaries or return to fight them later, balancing the game’s challenges and talents.

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