Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Konami
Developer Kojima Productions
Genre Action , Shooter , Stealth
Downloads 20,793
Size 1.34 G
Released June 8, 2010
3.7/5 (24 votes)
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Metal Gear Solid is a popular shooting game series with a lot of other names such as Call of Duty and many other titles. Although the same is the shooter genre, this series has a lot of its own unique for players to experience. This series has attracted a lot of players to the game to experience what this game has. In recent years, a part of the game has marked a significant milestone to develop the series, which is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This game was released in 2006 and was produced for distribution on the PSP platform. This is not a platform too big for players to experience, but this game has a unique function that is to test. This game is used to test a lot of new features for players to experience. Although it was originally produced for testing purposes, this game has become one of the famous names on the PSP platform. With the new features that the game brings to the players, this game has received the attention of players.

New gameplay:
The first change of this game brings players to experience that is coming from the game’s gameplay. In this game, the player does not play the game alone to complete all the tasks of the game. This time, players will get support from other characters to complete the mission. This game focuses more on co-op mode so that players can experience the feeling of cooperation with others to complete the task. Players can not complete the task alone but must cooperate with others to be able to achieve the game’s mission. If you want to win, the player must follow the plan given to implement it correctly.

Diverse characters:
Before the player starts the game, the player needs to have a character to control. The game will give players four Snake agents for the player to choose, not just revolving around a single person, Naked Snake. Each agent has a different function in battle so that players can choose the right one for themselves. For example, Naked Snake has the flexibility to fight but does not have high stamina.

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