MLB 06: The Show

MLB 06: The Show
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer SCE San Diego Studio
Genre Sports
Downloads 1,010
Size 626.45 M
Released February 28, 2006
4/5 (1 vote)
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In MLB 06: The Show, you can manage players, their pay, the team’s business, and the players’ team morale, and keep them pleased to support your team in contention. Control everything in your business, from the prices of tickets to the costs of vendors. It offers a career mode where you can design yourself with the game controls or by pasting your face using EyeToy. You may track your progress in career mode and choose which teams you wish to play for, but you must earn the opportunity to compete in the top leagues by working your way up from the lesser levels. Keep track of your accomplishments as you play, and you can skip parts of the game to your at-bats or pitching outings, making the game much more streamlined and personalized. The players act very realistically because they used motion capture for almost every major player, giving it untold amounts of realistic animation and almost giving them real emotions, such as if a pitcher gives up a big home run, you can see the disappointment on his face, or if you hit a game-winning home run, your entire team goes crazy celebrating. The game also includes a variety of mini-games, such as the old Home Run Derby and a new King of the Diamond, which has numerous stages and a timer and is continuously adjusting to keep you guessing. The rosters were even up to date, with 2006 rosters instead of the previous year.

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