Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region Japan
Downloads 6,442
Size 572.27 M
Released August 28, 2007
4.5/5 (4 votes)
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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is the sequel to Monster Hunter Freedom, which was based on Monster Hunter 2, a PlayStation 2 predecessor that was never released outside of Japan. This is not a direct port from the PlayStation 2 version. To adapt the game to its new portable form, new features have been added while others have been removed. For example, item boxes are used as global deposits, allowing you to store items and access them anytime without leaving “home.” The game retains most of its predecessor’s elements, and you must still complete missions – hunt monsters, gather materials, and use them to create better equipment. Unlike the original game, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 allows you to complete all missions independently. The game world has also been expanded, and players can now explore more unique territories. Although multiplayer is still limited to Ad-Hoc, the game includes online downloadable quests that frequently provide special materials that can be used to create bonus equipment that would otherwise be impossible to make.

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