Pool Hall Pro

Pool Hall Pro
Console Sony PSP
Publisher PlayLogic
Developer Icon Games
Genre Sports
Downloads 0
Released June 14, 2011
4.4/5 (8 votes)

Pool Hall Pro is a simulation of eleven different types of billiard games, including six types of pool, four types of snooker, and basic billiards. As is the case with the vast majority of these games, the controls are uncomplicated and consist of little more than lining up the cue and imitating the force of the stroke with the input device. He can move between two different camera perspectives—first person and an overhead view—to have a better picture. The player has the option to participate in a variety of different game types, such as exhibition matches and competitions. A simplified control scheme is available in the arcade mode. The player gains money for every game they win and every fantastic move they make. This money can be used to buy things for their virtual home. Trophies and fresh content for the game are the other types of prizes. There are also other possibilities for the player to design their character and different difficulty levels.

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