Worms: Open Warfare

Worms: Open Warfare
Console Sony PSP
Publisher THQ
Developer Team 17
Genre Action , Strategy
Downloads 1,981
Size 184.42 M
Released March 22, 2006
5/5 (1 vote)
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The player of Worms: Open Warfare assumes command of a vermin horde in this strategy video game. The game aims to defeat the enemy army by lowering the number of life points possessed by malicious worms using various weaponry while avoiding friendly fire and other obstructions. In combat, you can utilize different weapons and devices, such as grenades, homing missiles, bazookas, cluster bombs, banana bombs (a Worms mainstay), dynamite, air attacks, shotguns, and many more. You can also build your strategies and teams, in addition to selecting from several different arenas in which to fight.

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