Fate/Unlimited Codes

Fate/Unlimited Codes
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Capcom
Developer Cavia , Eighting , Type-Moon
Genre Fighting
Region Japan
Downloads 488
Released September 3, 2009
5/5 (1 vote)
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Handheld combat reaches a new level of drama and excitement in the video game Fate/Unlimited Codes, which features a fight royale for the Holy Grail that pits warriors against one another. The action of Fate limitless Codes, based on the visual novel Fate Stay night, takes place in a little town in Japan. There, seven teams of Masters and Servants compete for the Holy Grail, which will grant them their most profound desire if they win. This captivating battle experience contains an extensive array of characters, each with their distinctive fighting moves. It employs a fast-paced, weapons-based fighting system that will fulfill any Capcom fan’s highest expectations.

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