Macross Ace Frontier

Macross Ace Frontier
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Developer ArtDink
Genre Action , Flight Simulator , Shooter
Downloads 1,361
Size 254.03 M
Released October 9, 2008
5/5 (3 votes)
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The Macross series serves as inspiration for this video game. However, the name Macross Frontier incorporates all of the currently airing Macross series, except Lovers Again. Players take control of two pilots—a primary pilot and a wingman—and engage in combat over the iconic conflicts across the Macross timeline. Artdink, the company that developed the game, is also recognized for creating the Gundam Battle PSP series. Because Macross Ace Frontier is powered by a slightly tweaked version of the Gundam Battle engine, it resembles Gundam Battle Universe in several significant ways.

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