Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Criterion Games
Genre Racing
Downloads 16,182
Size 160.43 M
Released September 13, 2005
4.4/5 (14 votes)
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Racing games are always something that attracts many players to experience the game. Since the Arcade era, Turbo has become a global craze for gamers to experience. Until now, racing games have played an indispensable role for players to experience. When it comes to PSP, players will immediately go to the famous one, which is Burnout Legends – a PSP racing game. Electronic Arts produced this game – EA to release for the PSP platform. EA has released many famous games in many different fields, including racing for players to experience. With its experience and technology, it is not too difficult to understand when the game “Burnout Legends” became one of the greatest names of the PSP. Even up to now, this series is still being compared to many famous names in the market. This has shown that despite being released a long time ago, but this game still has a particular foothold in the player.

Diverse game modes:
Since its launch, this game has got up to nine different game modes for players to experience. Each game mode has its characteristics for players to experience. Players can often change the game mode to be able to get a variety of different gaming experiences. When coming to the game for entertainment, players will not be able to get bored with what the game can bring.
World Tour: In this mode, players will participate in races around the world to become the champion. When players complete the race with a high rank from 1 to 3, they will receive the medals, respectively, gold, silver, and bronze.
Eliminator: In this mode, you need to be very fast because the players in the last position will be eliminated until there is only one winner.

Many different vehicles:
According to statistics, there are up to 95 different cars in the game for players to use in the race. But at the beginning of the game, the player can only use some standard vehicles, and to have a stronger car; you need to unlock them. Players need to meet a certain number of requirements to unlock the car.

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